Empowered Pregnancy Course


Nutritional therapy

Fertility & women's health specialist.


Vinyasa, Yin & Pregnancy yoga teacher in London.


Supporting women in their journey to motherhood.


I am a nutritional therapist specialising in women's health, fertility, pregnancy and postpartum. I am a medicine woman, a yogini, a healer, a chain-breaker.

I believe in the power of food and plants, the power of movement and rituals to bring us back into equilibrium in mind, body and spirit.

I offer nutritional therapy consultations via Zoom focusing on women’s health conditions, fertility and pregnancy and I run the ‘empowered pregnancy & birth’ program through day retreats and soon through a live 6-week container. I also offer my doula services to mothers-to-be and new mamas.

At the moment I am training in Kinesiology, a healing modality that uses muscle testing in order to investigate health ailments and offer individualised protocols without the guesswork.

I am a holistic mama. I approach everything through homeopathy, herbal medicine and nutritional therapy to help my family.


I have been down the healing path since I was a child. A child that suffered from debilitating migraines, a young woman who had a complicated relationship with food and her body, a woman who lost her period and was told she was infertile, a pregnant woman and mother who wants to protect her and her child's body sovereignty.

I started my healing journey from a really young age, by reading nutrition, self-help books and brewing herbs. A decade ago yoga came into my life and offered space for me to be and befriend my body. I travelled to India and lived the ashram life and got certified in traditional Hatha yoga. I have been teaching yoga ever since. Through countless hours of training and magnificent teachers I became certified in Prana Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga and Pregnancy yoga. Sharing these life-changing tools of movement medicine I kept healing my wounded parts too.

A few years ago, while suffering from digestive issues, amenorrhea and infertility I started studying Nutritional therapy and after four years I am now a certified nutritionist passionate about helping women feel better in their bodies, regulate their cycles and achieve healthy pregnancies.

After birthing my daughter at home, in the water, without drugs or interventions, I trained as a doula to support women in their journey to motherhood. I support them during pregnancy with nutrition, I educate them around the physiology of birth and look after them postnatally with healing home-cooked foods, reiki and more, so that they feel vital, confident, safe and empowered as they transition from maidens to mothers. 


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"Truly passionate and knowledgable. I am so grateful for finding your while starting my fertility journey and now pregnant with my first child, a blessing I thought I would never experience. Thank you!"

Sara K.

"After only a few weeks of following Eleni's plan my digestive symptoms had finally gone. After 3 months my PCOS picture had completely changed and I no longer needed to take medication."

Tina S.