Empowered Pregnancy Course


Nothing lights me up more than a radiant pregnant woman, an empowered woman with a positive birth experience and the healthiest start to the life of a new human being.

Having my baby changed my life completely. I want to support you to have a journey that is fear-free and have the best experience possible in pregnancy, birth and beyond.

In my work as a doula, I bring all the tools from the modalities I have studied such as naturopathic nutrition, yoga and other holistic.

Birth Doula

Three or four antenatal sessions, five postnatal sessions and being on call for you two weeks before and two weeks after your estimated due date and full birth attendance.

This package includes everything described in the antenatal and postnatal sessions below, plus attending your birth.

I have many tools in my toolkit! Depending on what it is that you need I use homeopathic remedies, essential oils, sound, breath work, movement and guidance in order to bring comfort and hold space for a stress-free birth.

Antenatal Doula

In these three antenatal sessions, we will discuss everything you need to know about your pregnancy and birth. We will focus on the physiology of birth and gain understanding of how birth actually works. We will craft a birth plan, so you have no decisions to make when the time comes and we will plan everything you will need when your precious cargo arrives. 

Birth Attendance

I am on call for your birth from your 37th week until you have your baby. Once you have signs that you are in labour I will come to find you whether at your space or in the hospital. My work here is to make sure you feel calm, safe and supported. I make sure your needs are met and that the birth of your baby goes as smoothly as possible and according to your vision.

Postnatal Doula

These five visits after you give birth are all based around you and your beautiful new arrival. Each session is different, depending on your needs and brings you closer to becoming the mother you always dreamed of. We will cover breastfeeding support, healthy eating, massage and looking after your baby to give you time to attend to yourself. 

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Antenatal Doula

A package of three antenatal sessions to check-in on your pregnancy, and prepare you for birth and postpartum. In these sessions, I visit you at your space or hold space online and we go through each stage of your preparation.

We will discuss your visions, dreams and fears and try to identify the areas we need to work on. We will go deeply into the physiology of birth and stages of labour so that you deeply understand how birth works. This is the most important piece of our work! We will clarify the role of your care providers. I will also offer tailored nutrition and movement.

Preparing your birth plan. We will go deep into each aspect of birth so that your care providers have clarity about what it is that you wish for your birth. In this way, you will not have to worry about taking too many decisions during your birth and the people that support you will advocate for you.

There is also an optional session 4 to batch cook together and make foods to have in the freezer. I also offer Unlimited WhatsApp support and complimentary access to my pregnancy yoga classes. 

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Postnatal Doula

Five visits after you birth at your space lasting 2-3 hours. In these sessions my job is to take care of YOU. To mother the mother while she mothers her new baby.

Each session looks different and it is really a matter of what you need. I will always bring you healthy organic warming food appropriate for the postnatal period.

These will include: breastfeeding support, cooking to have delicious healthy food in your fridge, massage, looking after your baby so that you can take care of yourself (shower etc), answer any questions and address any issues that come up.

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