Empowered Pregnancy Course




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On a day retreat to explore holistic practices and rituals to help you feel radiant and healthy in your pregnancy and prepare for the most powerful rite of passage.

The retreat will start at 10 am, breaking for a nutritious, freshly prepared lunch between 1230-1315 before finishing up at 4 pm.

Optimal nutrition for pregnancy

Harness the power of food and herbs so that you nourish your body in the best way possible and contribute to the growth of your healthiest baby.

Nourish your body

Eleni will prepare the most amazing meal for you to nourish your gorgeous pregnant body as you sit together in a circle.

Pregnancy Yoga

Movement medicine infused with birth education to help you feel stronger, open up the body and prepare for birth effectively.

Yoga Nidra

A relaxing, meditative practice to help you calm your body and mind, help you connect to your baby and empower you for the journey to motherhood. (A complimentary recording will be given to participants to practice in their own time and space).

Birth education

We will look into the physiology and anatomy of birth, understand what helps the body open up better and how to facilitate the hormonal cascade so that you feel ready to rock your baby’s birth!

Postpartum sanctuary plan

The journey doesn't end when you have your baby, that is when it starts! Prepare to kick start your motherhood journey in the best way possible for you, and bring clarity to your vision so that you feel ready for those early days, weeks and months.

Join other New Earth Mamas

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A yoga teacher for nearly a decade, a certified nutritional therapist and a trained doula.

I was always obsessed with pregnancy, birth and motherhood and since I became a mum myself two years ago, I became even more passionate to share my knowledge and wisdom to help women experience pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

I want to help create healthier humans and ensure happier, more content mothers.

"The course offered a very much-needed support during the pregnancy and made me feel much more connected to my body. It also offered a chance to become a part of a wider community of mamas that proved to be lifesaving both before and after birth"

Marina, UK

"Eleni and her pregnancy course have been an invaluable resource throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Without this course, I don’t think I would have had my physiological birth and loved it so much. There is beautiful energy in women supporting women. I highly recommend enrolling if you are looking for a natural and empowering experience in birth and mothering."

Aila, UK

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