Empowered Pregnancy Course

The Handbook

Your ultimate guide to holistically prepare for conception, grow your healthiest baby, rock your birth and postpartum.  

In this easy-to-digest guide I am guiding you through the stages of conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. For each stage I offer nutritional therapy to be at your best health, movement practices to support your physical body, mindset to prepare in the best way possible and holistic practices to uplift and empower you. A unique combination from my studies in nutrition, yoga, Ayurveda and wisdom traditions.  

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What you will find inside

Fertility & Preparation for Conception

Get yourself ready for pregnancy. We explore the concepts of detoxification, nutrition and movement for fertility and the mindset you need to embark on this great adventure. 

          Pregnancy AND THINGS IN WHITE

Navigate the delicate balance of a beautiful pregnancy. Create natural pathways to enable yourself to feel the joy and deal with the discomfort with nutrition and movement.  

   The Birth Portal AND WHITE WRITI

When it comes time to bring new life onto this earth, get to know all about the physiology of birth. Arm yourself with everything you need, from a Doula to a library of insightful knowledge. 


Create the perfect sanctuary for your new life, by creating a wellness plan and team of people you can rely on to help you and your beautiful baby navigate the new landscape. 

Why I created The Handbook

I made this handbook for the New Earth Mamas. Those that are ready to bring consciousness in the way they mother. The ones that can feel how intention matters, in the way they conceive, the way they go through pregnancy, the way they birth, the way they mother. The new earth mamas are highly intuitive, they seek wisdom from women’s mysteries and ancient traditions. The new earth mamas question everything! They can see what hasn’t worked in the past and long for something different.

They are the chain-breakers.

There is so much information available today about pregnancy, much of it from a medical prospective, forgetting that women have been creating life naturally for hundreds of thousands of years.

Many women are rediscovering their desire to return to nature and there is no better way to introduce your new life to the planet, than for the pregnancy and birth to work in harmony with it.

Being told what to do at every step of your pregnancy takes power away from every new mother, it becomes less about what you want, and more about 'this is how things are done.' Empowerment is a key feature of everything I do here, allowing each beautiful New Earth Mama to focus on their own path, their own journey.

I have drawn all the proposed practices, rituals and suggestions from my studies and practice in Nutritional Therapy, Yoga and doula work providing a combination of scientific researched advice as well as advice from the wisdom traditions of yoga, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Let’s create a new earth by bringing children into the world in a more conscious and intentional way. We are the ones creating the future generations and we have the power to influence that by the way we feed ourselves, by the way we relate to our environment, by the way we move and the way we bring them earthside. By the way we feed them and they way we bring them up. If we only remember how nature intended. I hope you find something in this book that inspires you, that gets your heart singing and that gets you excited to start your journey as a new earth mama.

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The Handbook is packed with..

  • Tips on detoxifying your body

  • A deeper understanding of the foods we eat and what they do for us

  • Recipes for a healthier lifestyle

  • Tips on exercise

  • Practices based on years of study of Nutritional Therapy, Ayurveda Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Mindset advice for navigating each stage of your pregnancy

  • Natural tips to alleviate the common discomforts of pregnancy

  • Reading lists to deepen your knowledge

  • Details of where to find all the tools mentioned in The Handbook


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The New Earth Mamas Handbook


This digital copy of The Handbook gives comprehensive advice to attaining the natural birth process that is perfect for you. Giving advice on:

  • Fertility & Preparation for Conception
  • Pregnancy 
  • The Birth Portal
  • Postpartum Care

Embark on the natural birth journey that you desire

Start taking your birth journey into your own hands, creating a holistic, natural experience that works in complete harmony with your body. Empower yourself with the knowledge of how your body works and what it needs most to create a strong, fertile, healthy platform to bring beautiful new life to our world. 

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