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Nutritional therapy

Fertility & women's health specialist


Understand the root cause of your symptoms and harness the healing power food to alleviate your symptoms and improve your health. 

I work with women 1:1 to improve their fertility, achieve healthy pregnancies and become healthy again. Through functional testing, lifestyle changes and sophisticated nutrition we dive deep into improving the function of all bodily systems to achieve optimal health. 

Women's Health Nutrition

Are you experiencing amenorrhea, oligomenorrhoea, thyroid issues, PCOS, endometriosis or other similar conditions? I can help you to alleviate these conditions, restore your natural cycles, improve their fertility and feel well again.

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Fertility & Pregnancy Nutrition

How you nourish yourself even before conception will have an impact on yours and your child's health for life. Become your most fertile self, rock your pregnancy and prepare your child's health for life. 

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Women's health nutrition 

I support individuals through sophisticated nutritional planning and supplementation to support their bodies own healing mechanisms and relief from any acute or chronic conditions.

I specifically specialize in women’s health, supporting women through fertility, pregnancy and postpartum to improve their vitality and health as they transition to motherhood. I work with women experiencing amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea, thyroid issues, PCOS, endometriosis and other similar conditions to alleviate these conditions, restore their natural cycles, improve their fertility and feel better in their bodies.

Focusing on gut health, toxicity and autoimmunity I investigate through functional medicine and kinesiology muscle testing where the imbalances occur in the body and aim to rebalance the different systems through the healing properties of food and herbs, supplements and body work. In my nutritional planning and lifestyle protocol, alongside naturopathic principles of nutrition I also include the principles and practices of Ayurveda as drawn from my yoga background. I do not believe that one way of eating fits all. I look closely into the individual needs of each of my clients, the state of their digestion, their constitution and health aims in order to create something unique for them.

In your initial consultation we go through a detailed history taking to find out the possible antecedents, triggers and mediators of your symptoms, we clarify the goals that we want to achieve in the next 4-6 weeks and I create a nutritional plan that is sustainable and exciting for you. It is best to book a follow-up consultation to discuss your successes and challenges and readjust your plan accordingly.

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Fertility & pregnancy nutrition

It is a complex relationship between what a new mother eats, and the nutrients that the child she is carrying absorbs. However, the health and wellbeing of your child is inexorably linked and many studies show that the root of many diseases in adulthood are linked to the nutrient supply in from conception to birth and in the first two years of childhood. 

After a long time studying nutrition as a hobby I took my passion further and studied Nutritional Therapy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and qualified as a nutritional therapist after 4 years.

I bring this depth of knowledge and apply it directly to you, your body and your situation. Together we will plan and discuss simple ways to keep you healthy and pass on those essential nutrients to your gestating child while they rely on you for their food. 

This does not stop, however, after you have given birth. While you are breastfeeding, your child is still receiving nutrients directly from your body, so our plan will continue into the antenatal period, ensuring that you are eating well to keep your strength up and replace and balance your nutrients, but also to deliver key nourishment to your beautiful baby. 

I also offer a service where I will cook and deliver meals to you after you have given birth, freeing up much needed time and ensuring you have one less thing to focus on and can devote your full attention to your new arrival. 

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